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Using Canvas at Highline

During academic year 2013-2014, Highline is transitioning from the ANGEL Learning Management System to Instructure's Canvas. This site is the home of faculty support for the transition.

What's the schedule?

The transition schedule is:

  • Summer 2013 - Systems integrations, transition testing
  • October 2013 - Pilot goup access to Highline's system, Continued system integration, first orientation classes.
  • Winter 2014 – First students on Canvas, Training available to all faculty
  • Spring 2014 – Continued transition: Instructors choose whether to use ANGEL or Canvas
  • Summer 2014 – No classes are taught on ANGEL; ANGEL available for backup and archiving only
  • Fall 2014 - Courses on Canvas. ANGEL is no longer available; course archives are available by request.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Latest news

Finished transitioning your course? Go over the course transition checklist to make sure!

Optional CanvAssistance drop-in labs are available several times a week. Check out the schedule, drop in, and meet with Instructional Design to work on your courses or the classes.

What should I do now?

Canvas orientation is required for faculty who wish to use Canvas at Highline. See the Orientation site to get started. Orientation is online, and can be completed on a flexible schedule. (If you have used Canvas before or completed another training class, you can "test out" of the orientation.)

You can also:

  • Check out Canvas (see info below)
  • Figure out which ANGEL courses you plan to export. Most likely, it's the most recent version of a course that you've just completed.
  • Clean house. Canvas will import everything in your course, including all those handouts you haven't used for years. It'll take some clean up work. Start in Angel, with this list of tips.

A Quick Look at Canvas

Canvas Higher Ed Site

Features overview

Instructor Guides - Quickstart | Complete | Videos