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Creating Video with Captions

The first step is to choose a tool for creating a video. We recommend the following options:

If you've already created the videos, see the instructions for captioning existing videos.


Panopto has a very good automated caption system, and fixing errors in those captions is straightforward. The captions will display inside the Panopto video player when they are completed. Learn more about captioning videos in Panopto


Camtasia allows more flexibility to edit videos and add special features. In addition, you can upload/play them from your Canvas course, Panopto, YouTube, etc. Camtasia videos can be captioned in the Camtasia editing tool, or after they are created.

Canvas Media Tool

The video recording tool in the Canvas Rich Content Editor works best for short videos that are used to give feedback to students. Videos created in this tool are difficult to caption. We recommend using one of the tools above, then upload the video and captions into Canvas.

Other video tools

There are a number of other video tools available, for instance iMovie, Screencast-o-matic, etc.. Check the support information for that tool to see how captioning is supported. If you aren't able to add captions there, Upload the video to Panopto and use Panopto's auto captioning.