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Videos Not Created By You

Videos owned by someone else cannot be copied or altered without permission, and this includes adding captions. There are different processes we follow for captioning these materials. Some examples of this type of video include:

Captioning YouTube, Vimeo, etc. that you don't own

Sometimes the easiest solution in this situation is to see if there is a captioned version available, or another video that meets your objectives. Contact the Library Reference Desk for help searching the college's streaming video databases.

If you are not the creator of the video, you may need to get permission to caption the videos. Not all situations are covered by Fair Use, either. There is no easy yes-or-no answer regarding permission or Fair Use.

Finally, it is possible to get captions created for YouTube videos. Follow these steps:

  1. E-mail Us to be added to CaptionHub.
  2. Then, follow the instructions in CaptionHub to request captions for the video.
  3. Follow the instructions in CaptionHub for using an 'embed code' to view the captions on your video.
  4. Once you have used the embed code, make sure to verify the accuracy of the transcription.

Captioning other videos

By law, most commercial videos should be captioned, including those provided by the publishers of your textbooks. Below are some tips for ensuring your commercially provided videos are captioned:

Please note that the college does not pay to caption commercially produced videos (e.g. Rogue One, the latest Frontline episode).