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Frequently Asked Questions

Which videos require captions?

Captioning videos is legally required for almost all situations at the college. There are a number of good reasons to ensure that videos used in your class are captioned:

Which videos don’t require captioning?

There are a few cases where captions may prove impractical. However, if a student has a letter of accommodation, you must caption all videos that student will be using, even if they are considered optional to the class.

But that's too much work!

It is some work. Consider the benefits, though, to students at Highline, so many of whom benefit from the addition of captions to videos. And, we have lots of resources to help!

What about videos in my textbooks?

Contact the publisher, and directly request captioned versions of the videos in their textbook resources.They should be able to provide this. Point out that you can't use their book if they don't have captioned video.

If you're reviewing books, get a confirmation in writing from the publisher representatives that all resources are accessible. You can even give them a copy of this document.

What's involved in captioning a video?

Captioning a video is basically a three-step process:

  1. Create a transcript of the video
  2. Synchronize the words in the transcript to the video
  3. Publish the captions with the video

There are step-by-step instructions for working through different videos, and a bunch of tools to automate the hardest work.

Why do I need to get permission to caption a video?

In some cases, we need to make a copy of the video, and then stream it either from within Canvas or the college's streaming server. In those cases, it's best to get permission, since making that copy may not be covered by Fair Use. There is no easy yes-or-no answer regarding permission or Fair Use.

Do my videos already have captions?

By law, most commercial videos should be captioned, including those provided by the publishers of your textbooks. Below are some tips for ensuring your commercially provided videos are captioned:

First, check to see if the video you are using is already captioned.

If it's not:

I have a caption file. How do I add it to a video?