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Online Course Evaluations - Instructions


A secure online evaluation tool is available for all online classes. Your division administrative assistant can set up the evaluation tool, and will report the results through your regular departmental process.

Instructions for Faculty

If you’re teaching a “totally ONLINE class” (not a hybrid!) and would like to use the online faculty evaluation, please inform your division administrative assistant about your intention, so that they can set it up in the system.

  • Give the admin assistant a start and stop date (open access for students and close access).
  • Once they confirm that the evaluation is set up, post the evaluation information in your Canvas classroom, and email students to inform them that the evaluation is available:
    • Add to the area of Canvas where you post assignments/course documents
    • Post an announcement, either linking to the assignments area or with the information below
    • Send an email to your students with the information below
  • Your division administrative assistant will collect the results of the evaluation and distribute them based on division/department procedures, TWC requirements, etc.

What To Post For Students

We recommend posting this as an announcement, as an assignment in the folder for that week's class activities, and an email.

Evaluations for this class are now available online. Please submit your evaluation by ________(date). To evaluate this class:

  1. Click on the link to go to
  2. Login with your myHighline username and password
  3. Select the evaluation for this class (insert class info here)
  4. Complete the evaluation. Don’t forget to hit submit!