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Sending a Pre-course Letter

The pre-course letter is a good way to get information to your students, and to prompt them for some actions that will help them succeed in an online class. Most often, this letter is sent:

  • Via Canvas' messaging tool, or campus email. You can also send from the class schedule web site.
  • One to two weeks before the quarter starts. (Remember to check for newly added students to make sure they get the letter).

Letters can include:

  • A welcoming note from the instructor
  • Information about the first steps students should take in the class
  • Any special considerations for your class (e.g. unusual required software)
  • Links to the DE preparation quiz and the generic technical and skills requirements.

Sample letter 1:


You are receiving this if you are currently enrolled in <COURSE NAME> online for summer quarter at Highline College.

This is the first of many emails you will receive before the beginning of Summer quarter <DATE>.

I'd like to welcome you to <COURSE NAME>, and I'd also like to caution you: online courses are not for everyone. Here are some facts about my online courses:

  • Online courses ARE NOT easier than traditional courses. In fact, they are usually more difficult, because you are more on your own as far as reading the book, interpreting the assignments, and finishing and submitting the assignments on time.
  • Online courses ARE NOT completed at your own pace. These courses are 8 weeks long, with a set timeline for when assignments are due and how to complete them.
  • Online courses ARE NOT for everyone. Please click here to take a simple questionnaire that will help you decide whether the online option is for you. Answer the questions truthfully, and then read the response you are given.

More emails will follow (this same email a couple of times more, and some new, different emails), with instructions or other information as we get closer to the beginning of summer quarter. If you have any questions before the beginning of the quarter, please let me know via phone or email. If you are prepared, then online courses are an awesome opportunity.

<SIGN YOUR NAME> (also, it's best to include your email and phone number.)

Sample Letter 2:

Hi, and welcome to <COURSE NAME>.

If you’re receiving this note, it means you are on my roster for the online <COURSE NAME>, for Winter Quarter ______. This is just a quick note to give you a head start on preparation for the class.

Since this is an online class, we don’t have a traditional first day in the classroom. Like many things with online classes, it’s a bit different. Some things you should think about with an online class:

  • It’s not easier than a face to face class. In fact, it can be harder because you are on your own when it comes to sitting down and learning the materials.
  • It is not self-paced. There’s a strict timeline for when you need to complete each tutorial and take the quizzes.

There’s a short questionnaire at that you can take to see if an online class works for you.

Having said that, I will do my best to make this a valuable and useful experience for you! To that end, please review the following information, as it will help you get a head start on the class.

  • We’ll be using <SOFTWARE PACKAGE>. This is the version of the software that is currently available for purchase. There are several different ways to get the software: information is available in Canvas.
  • Make sure you get emails from the class. My email address (<YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS>) needs to be on the list of “allowed senders” in your email system, as will emails from other students in the class. Make sure you check your spam or blocked mail folders during the next few weeks and the first weeks of class.
  • There are two workbooks, which you will need to purchase. They are available in the campus bookstore. The books are:
  • The basic technical requirements for the class include the following:
  • There are a few more downloaded files, which will be available in Canvas for each exercise. 

Most class information is on Canvas. I’ll send more information about the class as we get closer to the start date. For now, I hope you have a good break, and we’ll talk (or email) soon!

<SIGN YOUR NAME> (also, it's best to include your email and phone number.)