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Online Courses - Syllabus Details

Work Scheduling

Deadlines will generate student questions. Schedule your deadlines for later in the week; a Monday or Tuesday deadline means those questions will come over the weekend, meaning either they don't get answered or you get to check email on the weekend. Suggested language (and process) is below.

Support Services

Online students may not be aware of support services that are available, or that those services are available to them. Often that means they'll come to you, when another place might get them faster response. See below for suggested additional language to add to your syllabus and course web site.

Email and web access requirements

Highline's Distance Ed Technical and Skills Requirements are available online at

This class requires regular and sustained access to an internet-connected computer. You are required to either access your Highline Student Email, or forward that account to another service that you regularly check. You will be required to have access to a web browser. (Add additional technical requirements, eg Flash, PDF, MyMathLab software, etc here).

Another example
Highline Student Email: Please note that I will generally respond via your Highline Student Email account. Make sure you check that regularly, or forward that address to an account that you regularly check.  It is your responsibility to ensure class emails are not caught in your spam filters or blocked by firewalls.

Course Interaction

All course activities will occur through email and Highline’s Canvas Learning System. Assignments must be handed in via Canvas. Assignments will not be accepted via email.

It is your responsibility to check Canvas and your Highline student email regularly for course information and updates. You are responsible for keeping backup copies of your assignments until after the quarter is over.

Response Time - Suggested Language for Your Syllabus

  • I will respond to emails and phone messages within one business day. (This means you don't have to look on weekends, and have some flexibility in the course of a work day to respond).
  • I will respond to emails and phone messages within 24 hours. (More defined, but students will define this to include weekends and holidays).

Technical Support - Suggested Language for Your Syllabus

For technical support, including problems logging in to Canvas, contact the IT Service Desk or click "Help" in the top right corner of your Canvas screen.

Library Support - Suggested Language for Your Syllabus

For help with library research, including access to Proquest, Ebsco, and other online databases from off-campus, contact the library Reference Desk.

Procedures for Turning in Assignments

Choose from the list below, depending on how you are handling it in your classes. It's also helpful to include appropriate variations of this language in assignment instructions.

  • All assignments and tests are conducted in Canvas. Turn in your assignments using the appropriate resource (assignment attachments, test and survey response, or discussion web) within Canvas. Assignments will not be accepted via email. You are responsible for keeping a copy of your assignment.
  • All assignments should be handed in via email to the instructor. Assignments must be submitted in a format readable by me (Rich Text Format, MS Word Document, MS Excel Document). The file name must include your last (family) name and the assignment name. You are responsible for keeping a copy of your assignment.

Procedure for Missed Work and Non-working computers

You are responsible for your access to a computer that meets the technical requirements for this class. Computers in the drop in lab of the Academic Technology Center (Building 30), on the Highline campus in Des Moines will meet these requirements.

Technical problems are not considered valid excuses for late or incomplete assignments. Have a backup plan, and plan ahead! Technical support is available on the web at or by contacting the IT Service Desk at or (206) 592-4357.

Another example

If you have a last minute technical problem, you must contact the instructor by email of phone immediately. Your message must include the nature of the problem, what your backup plan is, and when you expect to complete the assignment.

Email Contact

Highline's official channel of communication with students is your Highline Student Email account. E-mail communication in this course will occur via Canvas Conversations and/or your Highline Student Email account. For more information, see Highline Student Email Help at

Pre-course letter

Highline online classes start with an email or surface mail letter to students from the instructor. This letter should include the following components:

  • Brief welcome to the class
  • Instructions on what to do on the first day of classes (or before)
  • How to log in to Canvas, sign up for mailing lists, etc.
  • A first assignment, due within the first three days of class (this motivates students to get connected, as well as proves to you that they've been able to access the class).
  • A statement about Highline Student email (see above for a sample)

Information on how to log in to Canvas is available online at, and can be included in your letter (or you can include the link).