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CanvAssistance schedule and locations

Tune Up Your Course With PLAID!

The Peer-Led Analysis of Instructional Design (PLAID) is a tool to help you analyze and make changes to your online, hybrid, or web-enhanced course. Learn more!

Need a video?

Contact for more information, or see the website for more on how to get started.

Using video? Is it captioned?

Captioning helps students learn better, especially those learning English and those studying in loud places (like work). In addition, federal law requires that videos used in an instructional setting be captioned. That includes YouTube videos, Camtasia, Vimeo, TED talks, Panopto... anything that a student who can't hear would need for class.

Make Your Courses Accessible to All Students!

You can make sure that students can learn from you, regardless of their ability. The SBCTC Accessibility 101 Online Course is a great resource for learning to create accessible course materials:

Lower Textbook Costs for Students with Open Educational Resources

How much better would your students learn if they had the textbook on the first day? What if you'd been able to modify the content and questions to be more culturally relevant? Learn more about how Open Educational Resources (OER) can help! E-mail Us to get started.

Online Office Hours

2018-19 Faculty In Residence

Have questions about using technology in your courses? E-mail Us or call Ext. 3969 to connect!

  • Sue Frantz, Psychology
  • Maurea Brown, ABE/ESL
  • Deb Moore, Library
  • Aaron Warnock, Math


Who is Instructional Design?

Anthony Austin, Production Assistant

Sue Frantz, Faculty-in-Residence

Bob Hier, Media Producer

Marc Lentini, Director

Maurea Brown, Faculty-in-Residence

Deb Moore, Faculty-in-Residence

Chad Russell, Media Programmer

Aaron Warnock, Faculty-in-Residence


What does Instructional Design do?

Instructional Design at Highline is charged with four goals:

  • Assist faculty with curriculum design and instructional materials development
  • Produce video and other multimedia in support of the instructional process>
  • Build a community of practice around the use of technology in teaching
  • Support faculty development of online, hybrid, and technology-enhanced courses

We do this through a combination of project partnerships with faculty or departments (for example, redesigning a program to modular, open-entry courses), workshops, seminars and discussion groups, and one-on-one, just-in-time consulting.

Department staff are involved in IT leadership, technology training, distance learning, faculty development, teaching in several different departments, and multimedia production.

We work closely with the Learning and Teaching Center, the Library and Information Technology Services.